What our Partners are Saying:

“Few and Far is an exceptional next-generation NFT marketplace. The platform released by Few and Far stands out with its highly user-friendly onboarding process for web3, while also being fully on-chain and non-custodial”.
Mareike Flament, CEO, NEAR Foundation
"The Few and Far API brought unprecedented convenience to our users. We now have full control over royalties, and our IP trades seamlessly across marketplaces - all with the same email or phone number used to create an account."
DJ Brown, CEO Dropt
“FnF is helping projects develop integrated NFT infrastructure at scale, significantly reducing time to market and costs. With a simple to use REST API, projects can focus less on blockchain development and more on front end utility. This helps drive mass adoption for NEAR"
Altan Tutar, Partner Engineer
Last modified 3mo ago