Getting Started

Welcome to the Few and Far API! 🏝️
The Few and Far API v1 is a RESTful API that requires an API key for authentication and an associated wallet, generated by Few and Far, for funding blockchain transactions (such as gas and storage fees) without the need for direct blockchain integration.
By using our API, you can eliminate the necessity for direct on-chain communication, significantly reduce development time, and minimize the need for expertise in a specific blockchain.

Getting Started

After completing the required business formalities, your development team will receive an API key to access the API features.
Our team will create an Integration Wallet for the specified blockchain to fund your off-chain minting requests.
When you make an API request to mint through our REST interface, an on-chain call will be initiated, and the minting fee will be deducted directly from the Integration Wallet.
Note: It is crucial to ensure that the integration wallet has enough balance to facilitate minting. No balance means no minting.




All API requests require an API token to be sent in the HTTP request header, as shown below. (Few and Far will provide you with an API key.)
Authorization: Api-Key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Content Type

All POST and PUT requests should specify content-type: application/json header, unless otherwise noted.

Error Handling

If you encounter any 4xx-level responses, the response body will include a "message" property containing further details about the issue.
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