Smart Contracts are the business logic and permissions container for your NFT Collections. 🔐

Getting Started

The first step in using the Few and Far API is to deploy a Contract. To deploy a contract, contact your Few and Far representative. In the future this feature will be available via API.
You can think of a contract as a container for the business logic and permissions associated with any number of related NFT Collections.
Once your contract is deployed, you can use the API to create NFT Collections and mint NFTs!

The Few and Far NFT Specification (FNF-007)

The Few and Far NFT Specification is a next-generation NFT specification that is backwards-compatible with existing NFT standards, and introduces many new features to allow composability and flexibility. Importantly, it enables the deployment of multiple collections within a single contract.
For more information on FNF-007, check out this Medium article.

Contract Endpoints

🌟 Get a Contract
GET /contract/{contract_uuid}
🌟 Get all Contracts
GET /contract
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